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Home Addition Planning

A home addition is exactly remodeling and expanding your house, attaching extra room or two to make it suite your family needs. Home additions can appear in various forms, have different sizes, and address different purpose and functions. It may seem overwhelming to plan your home addition, but it really only requires a few key steps.

Home Addition Construction by GTA General Contractors
Home Addition Construction by GTA General Contractors
Decide what will be the purpose of the construction:

  • Adding new space
  • Improving existing space
  • Simply putting unused lot space to use.

  • Plan! Depending on your needs, consider all the ways in which you can expand the ground floor of your house or make second storey addition. Don’t forget! A new addition will steal a piece of your yard.

    Have an idea now? Great! Your part of work is done.

  • The most important stage – get in touch with professionals as early on in the process as you can. Its essential to find a reliable contractor, you will need their knowledge and expertise for a successful home addition. They will save your time and nerves by providing an assistance with the whole process of your home addition You are welcome read our previous article to help to find a reliable contractor.

  • Once ready for construction, a project manager will be dedicated to see your project through from day one until the final day of construction. This will leave you to focus on your already busy life style, all the while knowing that you are working with an expert team that will deliver a quality home addition on time and within budget.

  • If you are looking to add space to your existing house in the Greater Toronto Area – be it a second storey, a new room, or addition – call the experts at GTA General Contractors.

    Using the latest technologies, we will provide you with interactive 3D-Design modelling to give a visual idea of how your house will look once the addition is built before you commit to starting construction. We work with many industry experts, including award winning architects, designers, real estate agents, and mortgage brokers to help you create the home of your dreams, in the area you love with simplified financing and competitive costs.

    We look after all aspects of the work for you from planning and design drawings to acquiring building permits and of course, the construction.

    Contact us to schedule your free initial consultation and assessment with one of GTA General Contractors Home addition experts today!

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