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Construction and Renovation of Dental Offices

Construction of new dental office or renovating old one can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have past experience in this field. Planning to build or renovate your dental or other medical office? Of course, the best solution will be to find a reliable contractor, competent in this kind of services. Designing and building dental and other medical spaces is a very unique process which needs to be done by experienced firms who are aware of all legalities, requirements and challenges of designing and building a dental space, in order to avoid any potential issues that could arise from lack of proper industry knowledge and requirements.

Whether your dental space is a ground up standalone building or located in a plaza or high-rise building, GTA General Contractors can help. GTA General Contractor’s commercial division is the industry’s leading experts in medical and dental office with solid experience in renovation, construction and designs, providing services in Greater Toronto Area and all around Ontario.

When you work with GTA General Contractors in renovating or building your dental office, you will have a team of experts who are totally focused on your project and ensure the success of your project from inspection to completion. We provide a premium assistance with important decisions making like floor planning, which hard to make by yourself only: determine the effective square footage, number of operatories and other rooms.

We understand the vision and specific needs of dentists and other doctors! GTA General Contractors has gained a great reputation among dentists and other doctors, has designed and built many dental offices and clinics throughout the years. We provide world class services at competitive rates, and thrive to deliver the highest quality in our projects every single time.

Dental Office Construction  Process
Dental Office Construction Process
When you work with GTA General Contractors to design and build or renovate a dental space, we will provide you with a design package that includes:

  • Initial Consultations

  • Space Planning and Design

  • Complete Architectural Drawings

  • Engineering drawings

  • Millwork and Cabinetry drawings

  • Application and Acquisition of Building Permits

  • All design, drawings and future construction is done according to your requirements and working budget. Moreover, we provide an industry recognized 5 year comprehensive warranty.

    If you are considering a design, construction or renovation of your dental or other medical office, contact us for a free consultation session as well as a free cost estimate proposal.

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